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Rolling Stone's story on "Weed and Pregnancy" gives a balanced look at pregnant women and marijuana use.Typically, the real harm to children caused by separation from family gets far less attention than the often sensationalized stories of women who are pregnant and use cannabis. NAPW believes that family separation and threats of it are inappropriate whether at the U.S. border or in the context of prenatal care, labor, and delivery. This story highlights racial discrimination in the child welfare system and the need for confidential, unbiased health care for everyone including pregnant women.

Video now available: NAPW Webinar with Lynn M. Paltrow and Dorothy E. Roberts: "Overturning Roe: More than Abortion is at Stake"

On July 18, NAPW hosted a one-hour webinar with two leading legal advocates and scholars addressing the wide implications if the Supreme Court overturns Roe and where we might go from here.

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