What are President Bush's Principles on the Sanctity of Human Life?

Yesterday, President Bush, exercising his first veto, rejected the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act that many in Congress and the medical community believe will lead to many potentially life-saving medical breakthroughs. According to the New York Times, "Mr. Bush said the bill violated his principles on the sanctity of human life." We understand that there are wide differences of opinion on such issues as abortion, the death penalty, war and even health care. Nevertheless we at NAPW wondered whether these pricinples apply to any form of life other than embryonic and fetal life in light of the following:

• As Texas Governor, George W. Bush oversaw the execution of 152 people in Texas

• As US President George W. Bush oversaw the first federal executions since the 1960s

• As US President George W. Bush began a war and is now overseeing an occupation in Iraq resulting in the deaths of 2,555 American soldiers and the deaths of 39,250 (minimum estimate) Iraqi citizens.

• Statistics released by the Clean Air Task Force noted that the 51 power plants subject to President Bush's weakened environemntal enformecment polices helped to cause the premature deaths of 5,500 to 9,000 people each year, many from respiratory diseases.

• Twelve Sago miners died since the current administration discarded 17 proposed Mine Health and Safety Administration standards to protect miners' safety and health.

• 45 million Americans, including 8 million children, are without health insurance.

Alison Guttu, Julie Ehrlich, Ian Vandewalker, Rebecca Touger and Lynn Paltrow.