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June 2, 2008

We Moved!

In 2007, NAPW had a major growth spurt. We went from an organization of 2-3 full time people to a core staff of 7-8 plus numerous consultants and interns. We outgrew our space and our systems. All of us have, for nearly a year, been crowded into barely 1,200 square feet with only 2 phone lines and limited network capacity.

I am thrilled to announce that we moved to new space that will allow us to build appropriate infrastructure including fully networked systems. Our new offices are located at 15 West 36th Street Suite 901, New York, New York 10018. Mail from the old office will be forwarded to the new one (in case you were worried).

There are many things about the office and location that are auspicious. . .

First of all, thanks to Cheryl Howard and Asanka Abeyratne both the phones and the Internet worked the day we moved in. (A miracle, if you ask me.) Second, people are just getting used to the idea of offices with doors that close, phones on each desk and enough file cabinets to hold (for now) all of our vital research and documentation. (The old office was basically one small rectangular room with one long row of desks. Third, we are marveling at the location. On our block is a store named "Cheryl." We think it is in honor of all the hard work she did in so wonderfully project-managing our move. Another store on our new block is named "Juno." We think it is there to remind us of the movie Juno. Yes, it is true that there has been some valid criticism of that movie -- pointing out, for example, that the reality for most teens who become pregnant is very different. But as a fantasy, it was sure nice to see a young woman able to make the right decision for her, and just as wonderfully fantastic -- to have virtually everyone around her respond with compassion and decency. Those qualities are precious and we need to see a lot more of them. Finally, our block is also home to the Drug Policy Alliance, www.drugpolicy.org. This is a fabulous organization that provides NAPW with extensive support, working with us on many of our cases and projects. We hope they will be inviting us over for coffee soon . . .

We will be spending the next few weeks getting settled, taking some time to get unpacked and figuring out what else we need to make the office work efficiently. We will also be getting acquainted with our new summer interns. Welcome! Oh, and by the way -- we don't have enough chairs for them all. Donations will be gratefully accepted. If you "endow" a chair -- we will put your name on it forever!