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March 24, 2009

NAPW - New Video, New Blogs

In spite of, or perhaps more accurately because of, the recent elections, anti-choice activists are gearing up. Legislators in five states have introduced "personhood" bills that would grant the "unborn" from the moment of fertilization state constitutional rights. Bills have already passed in the North Dakota Assembly and in the Montana Senate. Today Huffingtonpost.com posted our blog about the bills and personhood USA. Cindy Copper on her Words of Choice blog (and picked up by RHrealitycheck.org) has this to say about the NAPW video:

What's really great is that NAPW stepped out of the policy-wonk bubble and used a little creativity to describe in clear and factually accurate terms what can sometimes seem obscure or complex. When the propaganda of the anti-choicers is sliced away, it's pretty simple -- these "personhood" laws would benefit no one and be a disaster for women... With its video, NAPW is also spreading its communications sensibilities -- and in especially admirable ways.

Don't forget to check out the video and the commentaries

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