A Reflection on Historic Health Care Reform!

Overall, the bill signed today is a huge victory for pregnant women, mothers and families. Nevertheless, much is being said about the abortion restrictions in the legislation and President Obama’s Executive Order.

Whether this historic health care reform maintains the injustice of existing anti-abortion restrictions or makes them worse really depends on the extent to which the mainstream pro-choice movement takes this experience as an opportunity to develop more effective political strategies.

In any event, I think the legislation says more about the anti-abortion movement than the pro-choice movement. It exposes the fact that the political leaders who oppose abortion use that issue for much larger political purposes -- to distract attention from the suffering of tens of millions of Americans, including pregnant women, who have no health care coverage at all. Making abortion harder to obtain is certainly one of their goals, but stopping health care reform was the bigger goal, and at that they failed.

Lynn Paltrow