Caution: Pregnancy May Be Hazardous to Your Liberty

NAPW has been busy working with friends and allies to make clear that new prosecutions and new policy proposals are once again threatening to put pregnant women and new mothers behind bars. As our commentary, "Caution: Pregnancy May be Hazardous to Your Liberty", in today's Huffington Post and on RH Reality Check explains:

While our country stands at a deadlock over legislation to ensure that millions of uninsured people have health care coverage, we can at least feel confident that some state legislators are hard at work, making it more difficult for women to access health care and much easier for states to put them, and the people who help them, in jail.

On Monday, NAPW got the last word in a New York Times story about a pending law that would enable the state of Utah to lock up pregnant women who experience pregnancy loss at any stage of pregnancy, and this morning I had the chance to speak about these issues on Democracy Now.

You can help oppose Utah's law by signing this petition to the Utah Governor, by flooding state leaders and the internet with comments opposing a law that seeks to put pregnant women and new mothers behind bars, and by joining this Facebook page started by a Utah activist.

As NAPW Staff Attorney Kathrine Jack explained last week to members of the U.S. State Department as part of the Universal Periodic Review Consultation process, the prosecution of pregnant women constitutes a violation of international human rights. The Review, mandated by the United Nations, was created to expose human rights concerns and help countries begin to address them.

You can also help protect the rights and dignity of pregnant and parenting women by spreading the word about our second continuing education program designed to ensure that policies are based on solid scientific information, not myth and misinformation. Drugs, Pregnancy and Parenting: What the Experts Have to Say Part II will be held in New York on Thursday, April 29, 2010.


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