The Old and New Years

In 2010, we advocated, educated and organized to ensure that pregnant women, no less than other people, are protected by the rule of law and treated with dignity.

NAPW is getting this message out. We were thrilled to see RH Reality Check's Most Read Stories of 2010 where NAPW was featured in three of the top ten, including the number one story of the year.

In 2010 we lead the successful amicus effort in the Kentucky Supreme Court, helping to win a statewide victory for all pregnant women. We developed new challenges to the arrests of pregnant women in Alabama and Mississippi that, if left unchallenged, would threaten the reproductive rights of all pregnant women. We helped to defeat the fetal separatist ballot measure in Colorado. And we continued to build the base of activists and leaders who understand, support and advocate for reproductive justice.

With help from NAPW Allies, Donors and the Foundations who support us, NAPW organized more than 70 organizations and leading experts to speak out against the prosecution of pregnant women, against punitive policies that undermine the health of pregnant women, mothers, and babies and for reproductive health and drug treatment, not jail.

In the New Year we have much to look forward to and many new cases and challenges. If you are looking for a way to support new grassroots activism and celebrate the anniversary of the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade, please join NAPW Executive Director and Board Members in Oklahoma for this important conference. It will introduce Midwest students with an interest in reproductive health to local and national organizers and scholars. This event recognizes that there are reproductive justice activists everywhere!