How to Make a Sign People Can See!

Legibility is really important when making signs! How we do it:


♀ Print out a typed message that’s at least 110 size font. We find 125 to be effective.

♀ Cut out your words and glue them to poster board (should probably be around 14" x 22").

♀ Go over each glued word with tape, because the wind can wreak havoc on signs.

♀ Attach the poster board to a cardboard tube with heavy-duty tape to hold up your sign. (Avoid using sticks to hold up the signs-- police officers have taken to banning them as potential weapons, and it would be unfortunate for something so trivial to get in the way of your important message.)

♀ Staple an identical poster board to the other side so fellow marchers and cameras can see your sign from all sides.