Time to Take Action - March with NAPW!

Time to Take Action! March with NAPW April 28th and May 1st for Reproductive Justice

Why is this Spring different from other Springs? Why in this season are we marching twice when sometimes we do not march at all? We march twice because the grassroots are rising and it is time to assemble and protest against the attacks on women and for Reproductive Justice.

NAPW has been challenging these attacks and bringing national attention to the fact that those who support abortion re-criminalization also support locking up pregnant women and new mothers. For example, NPR recently covered the arrest of Jennie McCormack for having had an "illegal abortion," and featured NAPW as one of the few groups willing to support her. Alternet featured NAPW's commentary, How the "Pro-Life" Movement Puts Women Behind Bars, and RH Reality Check and the Huffington Post carried our newest commentary, Now It's Clear: "Pro-Life" Means "Pro-Imprisonment." NAPW and the women we are representing in courts across the nation have also been highlighted in several excellent commentaries by feminist satirist and media critic Soraya Chemaly.

But winning cases and calling out injustice in the media will never be enough. Historian Howard Zinn argues that true social change has only come about as a result of mass social movements made up of people like you. If we want to stop the "war on women," we must practice political defiance and stand against the economic policies that undermine Reproductive Justice. This is why we need you to march with us:
• Saturday, April 28. Join NAPW staff to march against the War on Women! NAPW will be meeting at 11:30 under the arch in Washington Square Park. Together with Unite Women New York, we will march to Foley Square where there will be a rally from 1-4pm. NAPW's Executive Director will be a featured speaker at the rally. If you live outside of the NY area you can still participate! Find a march near you by going to this website: http://www.wearewomenmarch.net/
• Tuesday, May 1. Join us again when NAPW will march as part of the May Day Occupy Wall Street mobilization. We are marching because reproductive justice is not possible without economic justice. We will meet at the Strand Bookstore (12th St & 14th Ave), a rallying place for Reproductive Justice activists, at 4 P.M.

Please bring homemade signs. Here are some ideas:
Free the Prisoners of the War on Women, Free Bei Bei Shuai.
There is no Reproductive Justice without Economic Justice.

Pregnant Women are Persons

We look forward to marching with you!