Thank you for supporting NAPW! Inspiring Reasons to Contribute

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We want to thank our NAPW donors, friends, and allies for their tremendous support this year and share with you some of the inspiring reasons why Donations have been made:

    In honor of Dr. George Tiller;
Donations have been made because people:
    Heard NAPW's Staff Attorney Farah Diaz-Tello speak at the Breech Conference in Washington, D.C. - "absolutely inspiring!";
    Met NAPW's Board President Jeanne Flavin at a friend's house and was inspired by her and NAPW's work;
    Value NAPW's Programs and Research Associate, Laura Huss;
    Are thankful to NAPW for "standing up for the rights of women" and want to ensure that we can "keep up the important work you do."
One contributor made a donation in honor of a young couple's "exciting (but secret news)." The donation was made with "best wishes to the couple and their embryo."

Another donor wrote: "As we used to shout in the 60's, "RIGHT ON!" thank you for your fierce advocacy for girls & women. Susan B. Anthony would be proud!"

Some gave because they read Katha Pollitt's Guide to Holiday Giving in The Nation encouraging people to donate to NAPW because "reproductive rights are more than the right to end a pregnancy-there is also the right not to be treated legally as a fetal vessel."

We are enormously grateful for this support.

What will your reason be for giving to NAPW?

With Best Wishes for a just, healthy, and happy New Year,

All of us at NAPW