Outraged about Purvi Patel's case? Take action today!

Many of you know about and are outraged at the Purvi Patel case in Indiana, in which a woman who was accused of attempting to have an abortion was convicted of two crimes: feticide and neglect of a dependent. Ms. Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and will have to serve that sentence unless her appeal is successful. Today, and every day through Sunday, May 31, there is something you can do to express that outrage and join people from around the world in doing so.

Women's Link Worldwide (WLW) has nominated Purvi Patel's case for the Bludgeon Award, an award designed to bring international attention to cases that legitimize prejudice and stereotypes on issues of gender, sexuality, and reproduction. You can vote for Purvi Patel's case here by clicking "Vote for this Case" in the top, right hand corner, or by entering the code "1467" on the main awards page. You can vote for the case once a day until voting closes on May 31, 2015.

WLW is an international human rights non-profit organization working to ensure that gender equality is a reality around the world. With regional offices in Europe and Latin America, this organization focuses its advocacy on the judicial system. Every year, WLW highlights important cases through their Gender Justice Uncovered Awards. Gavel Awards are given to cases and judicial decisions that promote gender justice. Bludgeon Awards are given to cases that undermine gender justice. This year, Purvi Patel's case has been nominated for a Bludgeon Award.

Please vote here. Receiving a Bludgeon Award will help bring international attention to the extraordinary injustice of Ms. Patel's case as NAPW works with allies to help win her appeal and challenge the prosecution and punishment of pregnant people.

We are pleased to report that Ms. Patel has excellent appellate counsel. To support her case, National Advocates for Pregnant Women is working with numerous reproductive rights, health, and justice organizations, medical and public health experts, South Asian community and attorney groups, Indiana-based organizations, and more. Together we are working to carry out ongoing public education and actions and to ensure that the Indiana Appeals Court is fully informed about the devastating impact prosecutions like this one have on pregnant women, families, communities, public health, and human rights.

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Finally, you can vote for more than one case. Our international allies also nominated the Alabama cases, permitting prosecutions of women who become pregnant and use any controlled substance (even one prescribed by a physician), for the Bludgeon Award. More than 160 women have been arrested since 2006, with more than 8 arrests just in the last month. You can vote to "bludgeon" those cases as well here: http://bit.ly/1FiNPAt.

Please vote today, and please continue to support NAPW.