Letter released, Challenging VoteYesForLife False Claims re Emergency Contraception

October 31, 2006

Rapid City, South Dakota - South Dakota attorney Catherine Ratliff along with Massachusetts's lawyer Connie Rudnick and National Advocates for Pregnant Women released a letter to KOTA television refuting the false allegations written in a letter to the station by the law firm Murphy, Goldammer & Prendergast, representing VoteYesForLife.com, about a recent television advertisement sponsored by opponents of South Dakota's proposed law that would ban virtually all women from obtaining legal abortions.

The letter states in part: "While anti-abortion activists may want the public to believe that emergency contraception and for that matter birth control pills are a form of abortion (apparently so they can be outlawed next) they are not in fact abortifacients. Having access to Emergency Contraception is not the same as having access to abortion services. Emergency Contraception only works if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or birth control failure. If it is taken then, it significantly reduces the likelihood a woman will get pregnant. While women may have 72 hours get contraception -- under Referred Law 6 -- they will have zero hours to get an abortion if they later discover they need one" To Read the full letter go to:

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