What can you do?

January 21, 2017

NAPW knows that activists and allies live and fight in every part of this country including the so-called red states. Unfortunately, larger, mainstream organizations too often treat people in “red” states as too conservative to bother with – instead of encouraging and supporting activism in these parts of the country.

In addition to supporting NAPW here are two more things you can do:

1) Support the Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice Conference in Norman, Oklahoma. In 2016, 600 people from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee and the region attended. Take Root, sponsored by University of Oklahoma’s Women and Gender Studies Program, is taking place next year on Feb 23-24, 2018. Please join us there and give to Take Root because everyone deserves reproductive justice, no matter where they hang their hat at night. http://take-root.org/

2) In an act of radical expansion and rebellion, CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health is reclaiming birth, maternal and infant health as rightful parts of feminist reproductive health care. In 2018 CHOICES will open the first non-profit clinic in the nation to offer 1st trimester abortion care, full gynecology care, and complete perinatal care including a midwife led birth center, mental health services, and LGBT health care. We believe this model can help to combat the deep cultural stigma of accessing abortion and family planning services in the U.S. South and will greatly facilitate continuity of care. To support this much needed project, go to: https://memphischoices.org/get-involved/donate-now/