Drug rehab for moms works when they stay with their kids

March 18, 2005

KICKING THE HABIT : Drug rehab for moms works when they stay with their kids. But we are still addicted to treatment that splits up families, by Nora McCarthy

This excellent article in City Limits.org highlights an effective, nationally recognized program, called the Family Rehabilitation Program (FRP), which gives drug-addicted mothers treatment while their kids stay with them, instead of going into foster care. "This combination of treatment and nurturing makes FRPs surprisingly successful at keeping moms off drugs and kids out of care. A 1999 study by the National Drug Rehabilitation Institute found that FRPs had higher success rates than traditional treatment and that few children--less than 5 percent at one typical agency--ended up in foster care." While this program offers a significant model of success, the story reports that it "is still so tiny and obscure that many child protection workers have never heard of it."