If You See Something Say Something!

May 05, 2009

This section provides a range of suggestions for speaking out again stigmatizing language and legislation which harms pregnant women.

Not too long ago newspapers reported that some science museums were refusing to show films that mentioned evolution. Why? Because they were afraid they would be picketted by people who organizied opposition to the provision of evidence based information --even at science museums. The lesson is that organizing matters -- and we can do it too.

1) If you hear, see, or read the terms "crack baby" or "meth baby", call, write, and speak out about how these terms are stigmatizing and without medical basis. Send copies of the letters from leading scientists explaining why these terms should not be used. Tell the journalist they should be writing stories instead about the need for and the value of family treatment. You may want to check out the New York Times story The Epidemic that Wasn't for some of the latest research which can help you fight the "crack baby" myth.

Unfortunately even this article uses the inaccurate term "baby addicted to cocaine". If you see language like this please take action.

2)If there is new abortion restriction legislation in your state you should question the impact that legislation may have on all pregnant women. Write letters to the editor, call into local radio shows and speak out! This op ed in St. Louis today is a perfect example.

It is important to refuse to stand silent in the face of misinformation and prejudice - whether on our subjects or any others that you may care about!