January 14, 2019

While demonstrations alone are never enough, they can be a vital part of an overall strategy of resistance. So please join NAPW at a women's march on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Click here for information
If you can't make it to NYC please participate in a local event.

And please spread the word about NAPW and your commitment to fighting back against the existing and coming assaults on health, rights, and justice by sharing our Knocked Up, Fight Back! graphics and using them as signs at the protests and rallies you will be attending.

Knocked Up, Fight Back

Here's how you can make your own NAPW sign:

1) Get a large piece of oaktag/poster board (22'' x 28") and fold it in half.

2) Download and print 2 copies of the PDF graphics.

- Download File: Knocked Up
- Download File: Fight Back
- Download File: People
- Download File: NAPW

3) Cut out the graphics and attach them with glue and heavy duty clear tape to each side of the sign. (Whatever sign you are carrying, you want to be sure people can read it from both sides - in front and behind you.)

4) Attach the oaktag/poster board to a long cardboard tube (Please note that wooden sticks to hold up signs are not allowed at any of the marches.) Tape the cardboard tube to the inside of one side of the folded poster board and then fasten the 3 sides together with tape or staples.

Or, download and print the poster version of our graphic.

- Download File: Letter-Size Poster (8.5 x 11)
- Download File: Tabloid-Size Poster (11 x 17)

Please make and carry these signs and help spread NAPW's message to protect and uphold civil and human rights for all people including pregnant women.

Please share photos of you, your friends and family with the signs on social media with the hashtag #KnockedUpFightBack and tag NAPW on Facebook and Twitter (@NAPW). Please also send photos to!