Join Our Action on Monday (7/29) in Midtown Manhattan!

July 26, 2019

Join NAPW and other birth justice allies as we band together to demand Northwell Health eliminate policies and practices that authorize forced or coerced medical interventions on pregnant patients in their facilities. NAPW will provide signs, but feel free to bring your own. During this action we will be collecting petition signatures outside of a Northwell facility; photos of this event will be taken and posted to put continued pressure on Northwell. Click here to RSVP.

When: Monday, July 29 from 11:30-12:30PM (stop by any time)

Where: Outside of a Northwell facility in Midtown Manhattan (225 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011)

Why: To send a message to Northwell that we aren't going anywhere until they meet our demands

Have questions? Email NAPW's Organizer at

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Other Actions You Can Take

Keep Up with Our Work

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Sign Our Petition to Northwell Health

If you have not already, please sign our petition that demands Northwell Health to recognize that people at all stages of pregnancy deserve their civil and human rights. You can sign the petition here:

Share Our Petition on Social Media

When you share the online petition ( with your friends, family and network please be sure to include @NorthwellHealth and #JusticeForDray. in your message. Here are some sample posts:
Have you signed the @NAPW petition calling on @NorthwellHealth to recognize people at all stages of pregnancy have civil and human rights to consent, privacy, and confidentiality? #JusticeForDray #endbirthmistreatment #respectfulbirth

NY's biggest health system @NorthwellHealth should lead the way on #respectfulbirth. 1 in 6 women experience mistreatment by health care providers during birth; more for women of color. #JusticeForDray #endbirthmistreatment Sign/share the @NAPWpetition

Join thousands of New Yorkers to demand that @NorthwellHealth eliminate forced/coerced medical treatment on pregnant patients. #JusticeForDray #endbirthmistreatment #respectfulbirth Sign/share the @NAPW petition

Call Northwell

Call the office of Northwell Health's President and CEO, Michael Dowling; (516) 321-6100. Here is a sample script you can use:

"I'm calling to leave a message for Mr. Dowling. I am calling about the petition organized by National Advocates for Pregnant Women that was recently delivered to Northwell's CEO and Board of Trustees. Please let Mr. Dowling know that Northwell needs to ensure that no pregnant patient is again denied their rights to medical decision-making and bodily integrity as Rinat Dray was at Northwell's Staten Island University Hospital. I, along with thousands of others, are demanding that Northwell Health eliminate policies and practices that authorize forced or coerced medical interventions on pregnant patients in your facilities. A recent survey published in the journal Reproductive Health reports that one in six women in the US feel they’ve been mistreated during childbirth. Northwell should be a leader in ensuring women receive respectful care at birth instead of forcing them to have surgeries against their will. [Add in any personal story you have about being mistreated during childbirth] Can you please relay my message to Mr. Dowling?"