South Dakota - Yes There is More That You Can Do

March 27, 2006

Are you concerned about what is happening in South Dakota? Take a look at the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families:
Learn what is happening with efforts to stop South Dakota's ban on abortion and what South Dakota activists have to say.

You can also check out Staphanie Millman's cartoon.

Stephanie Millman's cartoon,
addresses a key underlying issue in South Dakota's new ban on abortion -- the conviction that women are not capable of making informed decisions about their reproductive and family lives. The South Dakota bill, outlawing all abortions except where a woman and her doctor can prove that her life is at risk, came out of a South Dakota legislative task force.

Whatever one feels about the morality of abortion, it is clear that key questions posed by the taskforce, including whether or not abortions are voluntary and informed in America today, are designed to and have the effect of creating doubt about pregnant women and mothers as moral agents and valued members of our society. See
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If you believe that women should not lose their rights to medical decision making upon becoming pregnant – you might want to check out the cartoon, pick up the phone and make a call to South Dakota State Senator Bill Napoli. Read about Nancy Goldstein's call to the Senator at: