Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women

August 19, 2011

* The Alabama Women’s Resource Network (Alabama) - Offers support for incarcerated women and women not in prison, including family reunification and parole preparation workshops. Also has a number of resources on their website.

* A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project (California) - Based in Los Angeles, this organization provides housing and reentry support for women and children. Also engages in political advocacy and holds occasional leadership trainings. 323-563-3575

* The Center for Young Women’s Development (California) - Based in San Francisco, this organization supports young women who have had involvement with the juvenile justice system. Offers paid internships to low-income women to build resumes and leadership skills, “Stayin Out of the System” seminars, support groups, case management and courtroom advocacy, etc. 415-703-8800

* Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM) (Chicago) - Visible Voices, the central force behind CLAIM’s advocacy work, is a peer support and advocacy program run entirely by women with a history of criminal justice involvement. 312-738-CGLA (2452)

* Power Inside (Baltimore) - Serves women impacted by incarceration, street life and abuse. Offers group counseling, re-entry and aftercare, street outreach, and has a drop-in center.

* The Correctional Association of New York - ReConnect Leadership Training Program - A 12 week leadership training program for formerly incarcerated women who want to change the criminal justice system. For more information contact Andrea B. Williams, ReConnect program director, at 212-254-5700 ex. 338.

* The Church of Gethsemane (Brooklyn) - A church created by and for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons and their families. See their website for more information about Project Connect and their Re-Entry Peer Support Group.

* Women on the Rise Telling Her Story (WORTH) (New York) - An advocacy/consultant group comprised of formerly and incarcerated women. Has a project called Sista Circle that works to strengthen leadership development skills and educates the community and policymakers about the impact of incarceration on women. 646-918-6858.

* The Women’s Advocacy Project - the Women’s Prison Association (New York) - By providing education on substantive issues and training in advocacy skills, the Women’s Advocacy Project equips women with criminal justice histories to make an impact on policy formation – in housing, health care, child services, employment, sentencing, etc. 646-292-7740.

* The Women’s Prison Association (WAP) (New York) - Offers residential and family services, reentry services, and neighborhood-based services in East New York.

* The Innocence Project - A national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system.

* Hour Children - An organization in Queens that works with incarcerated and formally incarcerated women and their families. Their community programs include supportive housing, counseling, day care, mentoring, and a food pantry. Telephone: 718-433-4724. Address: 36-11 12th St., Long Island City, NY 11106.

* Providence House -An organization in Brooklyn that provides support to homeless, abused, and formerly incarcerated women. The organization operates both transitional and permanent residences. Telephone: 718-455-0197. Address: 703 Lexington Ave Brooklyn, NY 11221.

* Families for Justice as Healing - Organizes formerly incarcerated women to join the movement toward creating alternatives to mass incarceration. Our membership advocates for community wellness, with women as a focus, and rejects the current U.S. drug policies that prioritize criminalization and incarceration. We believe that if we are serious about eradicating drug related illness, crime and violence we must commit to the evidence based solutions that address poverty, addiction and trauma. Telephone: (617) 905-2026. Address: P.O. Box 14 Boston, MA 02121.

* National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women - provides resources and advocacy for battered women charged with crimes related to their battering. Aside from individualized technical assistance, they also provide training seminars for members of the criminal justice and advocacy communities, and for the general public, regarding the unique experience of battered women defendants. Telephone: 215-351-0010 or toll free 800-903-0111 x3.

*The Prison Birth Project (Massachusetts)- “provides support, advocacy, and leadership training with women and trans* people at the intersection of the criminal justice system and parenthood.” Offers doula support, personal advocacy, education in childbirth, and breastfeeding support to individuals enrolled in program. Email: