Ms. Bei Bei Shuai Out of Jail but Far From Free

June 06, 2012

We are very happy to report that, with NAPW's help, Ms. Shuai is finally out of the jail cell that she was held in for over a year. Make no mistake, however, Ms. Shuai is far from free.

In order to be released from the Marion County jail Ms. Shuai had to raise and post a $5,000 bond -- half of which will never be returned. Ms. Shuai must also wear an electronic monitor. The daily price of her freedom is $12 per day for the cost of the monitor. Ms. Shuai is not free of the charges against her, the trauma of being incarcerated for having attempted suicide while pregnant, nor is she free of the burden of being a prisoner of the war on women.

Ms. Shuai now faces a trial for attempted feticide and the murder of a viable fetus. She, NAPW, and the Indiana lawyers at Pence, Hensel LLC who will be representing her at trial must find a way to fund a trial that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Listen to this RH Reality Check sponsored briefing about the case featuring Emma Ketteringham, NAPW's Director of Legal Advocacy and Lynn Paltrow, NAPW's Executive Director. Hear from Christine Taylor, a woman who fell down a flight of stairs while pregnant and who was arrested under a feticide law similar to the one being used against Ms. Shuai. Listen to Ms. Shuai herself as she speaks out in this new article in the Guardian that reflects NAPW's public education efforts.

More than 5,000 people from across the US and the globe have signed the Free Bei Bei Shuai petition. Justice demands that the State of Indiana put an end to this misuse of the law and abuse of Ms. Shuai and drop the charges that should never have been filed in the first place. Please keep the pressure on. Spread the word about the petition, write, blog, send Ms. Shuai a letter of support via NAPW. Post something wonderful on Personhood for the Already Born, a site created by a former NAPW intern.

NAPW needs your activism and your ongoing financial support. We need your support now more than ever as we work with attorneys in Indiana to mount a defense for Ms. Shuai (a wildly expensive endeavor), continue our work in Alabama, Mississippi, and Idaho, and press forward with challenges to a growing number of civil and criminal cases which threaten to pass "personhood" measures in disguise. Despite NAPW's numerous victories over more than a decade, the number of cases like the Shuai case and the number of requests for NAPW's help are greater than ever. We hope you will be part of NAPW's fight for justice.