NAPW uses all of our legal cases and advocacy efforts as opportunities to empower local activists and women who are directly affected; to support grassroots and state based organizations; and to mobilize grasstops advocates. NAPW does not drop in or fly over a state. We don’t litigate and leave, we litigate and build. As a result of our organizing efforts, even when we lose a case, we gain ground by strengthening our base of support and building strength for the next fight.

NAPW also knows that litigation and legal advocacy alone will not secure pregnant women’s civil and human rights. Such fundamental legal and cultural change requires building and supporting a connected, intersectional and empowered base of grassroots activists and grasstops advocates.

NAPW does this by:

  • Organizing conferences, rallies, protests, petitions, open letters, and amicus (friend of the court briefs) to demonstrate support not only for the 33% of women who will have an abortion over the course of their lifetimes but also the 84% of women who will get pregnant and give birth.
  • Recognizing, respecting, and supporting local and state-based grassroots activists, leaders and organizations and working to link them to national medical, public health, and social justice resources.
  • Nurturing new leadership, empowering women directly affected by punitive policies and engaging new activists through internships, writing contests, and support to participate in base building and activist events.

Example of NAPW organizing efforts include the rally featured in the new documentary Bei Bei, that helped to win freedom for Bei Bei Shuai, a woman who attempted suicide while pregnant and was then arrested and charged with feticide and manslaughter. In 2004 NAPW’s Executive Director was a featured speaker at the massive March for Women’s Lives in Washing D.C. and in 2017, NAPW NAPW supporters at Marches for Women in Washington D.C. , New York City; Buffalo, NY; Indianapolis, IN; and Lexington, KY carried our "Knocked Up - Fight Back" signs and our message that nothing about being pregnant or the outcome of pregnancy should make women targets for punishment of any kind. In 2018, NAPW’s organizing efforts helped to get a statute honoring the “father of gynecology” removed from East Harlem because this marker failed to acknowledge that the discoveries made were the result of surgery on enslaved Black women.

As part of our commitment to respecting and supporting activists everywhere, NAPW helped create and sustain the Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice conference held annually from 2012- 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma. Hundreds of people from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and other red states have gone to this event proving that there are reproductive health, rights and justice activists everywhere in this country.

As a result of our ever growing network of local and national activists we have won cases, defeated dangerous policies and expanded participation in reproductive and social justice movements.


December 21, 2018

NAPW Organizes Opposition to Alabama's Amendment 2

December 21, 2018

Value Pregnant Women and Mothers: Vote NO on Colorado Amendment 67

October 06, 2014

Learn more about the facts behind Colorado's Amendment 67. Download the Fact Sheet below:

Download in English.

Download in Spanish.

NAPW Letter to The New York Times: RE: Story on "pro-choice" message missed 20 years of history

August 25, 2014

Download file.

April 6, 2013 Rally for Bei Bei Shuai and All Pregnant Women

April 19, 2013
Rally for Bei Bei Shuai a Huge Success!
On April 6, 2013, more than 100 supporters stood with Bei Bei Shuai for, as one of the signs said, "Liberté, Egalité, and Maternité"!

Watch WISH-TV's video reporting on the lead up to the Rally, look at photos by The Indianapolis Star and read RTV6, The Houston Chronicle, and Fox59 coverage of this amazing event!

Eve Ensler - author of the Vagina Monologues and founder of V-Day: A Global Activist Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls - wrote a statement to be read at the rally in support of Bei Bei Shuai. Download and read her statement here.

The fight is not over, and we must keep the pressure on! Urge Indiana to drop the charges against Bei Bei Shuai, sign the online petition here, and sign up for our newsletters to keep following the action.

Below read about NAPW and local activists's pre-rally organizing efforts, preparation, and materials:

Join us in Indianapolis, IN at City Market (222 E. Market Street) at 2pm for a Rally in Support of Bei Bei Shuai and All Pregnant Women!

Free Bei Bei Image.jpg

On April 6th and before, here are 3 important ways you can support this effort:

  1. Show up! Join NAPW's ED Lynn Paltrow and encourage all of your friends, family, students, or local organizations/chapters to come too!

  2. Spread the word! Visit and Share the Facebook event! Share the flyers and posters! Blog about it! Send an email blast to supporters! Sign the online petition!

  3. Speak out! Just as NAPW Board President, Jeanne Flavin, and ED, Lynn Paltrow, have done in this piece.
Continue to stay informed about the case, from articles like this one in the Indianapolis Star, and this one about Lynn Paltrow's public talks last week in Indiana.

We stand with Bei Bei! We Stand for equality, justice, and freedom!

NAPW supports, attends, and speaks at 3rd Annual Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice Conference in Oklahoma

February 17, 2013

NAPW continued to support the organization and planning of the Third Annual Take Root: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice Conference.

Take Root 2013 flyer.jpg

The successful conference took place from February 15-16, 2013 in Norman, Oklahoma, with over 250 "red state" activists advocating for Reproductive Justice. NAPW attended and spoke at the conference and supported first-time "red state" advocates to also attend.
Read media about the event's success and impact. We look forward to next year's fourth annual - February 21-22, 2014!

Womens Media Center Exclusive: Call for New Support of Grassroots Activists By Lynn M. Paltrow

March 20, 2006

March 7
While the South Dakota Governor's decision to sign into law a ban on virtually all abortions is horrifying to many, it should not come as a much of a surprise.

Anti-abortion and conservative forces have spent the last 30 years working at the grassroots to inspire and mobilize activists and to elect anti-choice policymakers who can pass ever more restrictive abortion laws. While pro-choice and progressive activists have been very good at stopping those laws once enacted, relatively few resources have been invested in grassroots and state based activism that would prevent these laws from passing in the first place.