NAPW ally Megan McKenzie on BBC Newshour

July 13, 2011


Megan McKenzie is a strong, resilient woman who had the courage to fight back when the State of South Carolina charged her with both civil and criminal child abuse for giving birth to a healthy, beautiful baby. The state claimed her newborn tested positive for marijuana, and while Ms. McKenzie didn't test positive for marijuana and more importantly she was providing loving, excellent care for her daughter, the prosecution and so-called child protective services proceeded with their actions against her. NAPW was part of the team that helped Megan McKenzie fight back and, eventually, win. As a result of her experiences, Megan has become a fierce advocate on behalf of other women who are similarly experiencing punitive state interventions and, as demonstrated in this BBC interview, is increasingly becoming a national and international spokesperson on these issues. She is pictured above speaking at NAPW's recent 10th Anniversary celebration.

Listen here.