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I got pregnant the day I moved out of my parents home at 18 with a bad job, and no money. I told the father and we decided to abort. A year and a half later I found out I was pregnant again, but began to bleed a few days later.... I joined the navy, got stationed in Europe, fell in love, and due to contraceptive failure was again pregnant. I was told by the father that he had another family, and did not want this baby, and my friends told me to get an abortion. But it was different this time, and now I have a beautiful daughter. 1 year after she was born I was engaged to one of my best friends, and we were ecstatic to find ourselves pregnant, but that faded a week later when we miscarried. We married and a few months later again we were pregnant... after dreaming of this baby for 12 weeks, we were told there was no heart beat. Finally, in May of 09 we found out we are pregnant again and expecting in Jan.  I am grateful, for a healthy pregnancy so far, and I am not ashamed that once upon a time, this was not my dream.
I had two first-trimester abortions before marriage, the second of which was with my husband-to-be while engaged to be married. Once we were ready to start our family we discovered that I could not carry a pregnancy to term, probably due to an immunological incompatibility between us. In retrospect it appears those two unwanted pregnancies would have ended in miscarriage too. After five miscarriages we adopted our first son and two years later tried again. This time I was able to carry the pregnancy for 30 weeks and our second son spent his first two months in intensive care. After his birth, two more pregnancies ended in miscarriage.
My Story: Brooklyn, NY
This is my story.
My babies have returned.
This is my story about abortion, pregnancy, and motherhood. My friend Patricia Clark and I made this film to show that I - like any other woman who has had an abortion - am not a slogan or the devil incarnate, but rather a person. I am a woman with a past, present, and future. We dedicate this video to all the girls and women, and to the memory of George Tiller.
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The vast majority of women who have abortions are also mothers. And even though the same women who have abortions are the ones who give life, anti-abortion activists portray us as murderers, baby killers, and worse.

It's time to tell our story:
the whole story.

If you have had an abortion and have given birth (vaginally, by cesarean surgery, in a hospital or somewhere else) experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth, adopted or raised a child - tell us your story with a picture, a sign, a 1 minute or less video and we will post it.

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