National Summit to Ensure the Health and Humanity of Pregnant Women Co-Sponsors

August 14, 2006

(List in Formation)

Our Bodies Ourselves
International Center for Traditional Childbearing
Citizens For Midwifery, Inc.
Mothers United For Midwifery
Realbirth Education Center
SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
Gynuity Health Projects
Vanderbilt University Women’s & Gender Studies Program
Justice Now
Feminist Women’s Health Center-Cedar River Clinics-WA State
Abortion Access Project, Inc.
Civil Liberties & Public Policy Program and Population & Development Program, Hampshire College
Reproductive Health Technologies Project
Catholics for a Free Choice
Choice USA
Harm Reduction Coalition
Brooklyn Childcare Collective
Ipas, USA
Pro-Choice Public Education Project
Center For Reproductive Rights
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Real Cost of Prisons Project
Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents
National Organization for Women, Inc.
The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation
American Civil Liberties Union
The Rebecca Project for Human Rights
Causes in Common, a National organzing project of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
Breaking the Chains: Communities of Color and the War on Drugs
HIV Law Project, Inc.
Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice & Healing
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Mother's First Initiative
Feminist Women's Health Center
National Women's Health Network
Salud Promujer, School of Medicine University of Puerto Rico
The MergerWatch Project
Conextions Inc.
Harm Reduction Project
National Network of Abortion Funds
Law Students for Choice
NARAL Pro-Choice New York
The Institute for Reproductive Health Access
NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia
Democracy in Action
Reproductive Health Access Project
American College of Nurse-Midwives
Committee on Women Population and the Environment
Generation Five
Women on the Rise Telling HerStory (WORTH)
National Lawyers Guild
Idaho Women's Network
Midwives Alliance of North America
Planned Parenthood of Georgia
Drug Policy Alliance
Third Wave Foundation
Council on Anthropology & Reproduction
Individual Co-Sponsors:
Steve Cochran
Barbara Katz Rothman & Wendy Simonds
Robbie Davis Floyd
Lisa Bernstein
Ilene & Henry Ordower