Amicus Briefs Filed in the Mississippi Supreme Court in Support of Dismissing the Murder Prosecution Against R.G. For Experiencing a Stillbirth

December 08, 2010

Brief addressing how prosecution of R.G. lacks foundation in evidence-based research and threatens maternal, fetal and child health filed by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Mississippi Youth Justice Project, on behalf of amici curiae:
Drug Policy Alliance
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
National Association of Social Workers
National Association of Social Workers — Mississippi Chapter
Mississippi Human Services Agenda
Mississippi Youth Justice Project
American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
The Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.
National Coalition for Child Protection Reform
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health
National Women’s Health Network
HealthRight International
Center for Gender and Justice
Baron Edmond de Rothschild Chemical Dependency Institute
Black Women’s Health Imperative
Global Lawyers and Physicians
Citizens for Midwifery

Brief addressing R.G.’s arrest and prosecution as a violation of Mississippi, United States, and International human rights law filed by the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative and attorney James W. Craig, on behalf of amici curiae:
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
CUNY School of Law International Women’s Human Rights Clinic
Alabama Women’s Resource Network
Center for Women Policy Studies
Children and Family Justice Center
International Mental Disability Law Reform Project
Justice Now
Leitner Center for International Law & Justice at Fordham Law School
Southern Center for Human Rights
Southwest Women’s Law Center
World Organization for Human Rights USA
Caroline Bettinger-López, Esq.
Professors Rebecca Cook and Bernard Dickens (University of Toronto)∗
Johanna Kalb, Esq.
Professor Penny Venetis (Constitutional Litigation Clinic of the Rutgers School of Law-Newark)∗
Professor Richard J. Wilson (International Human Rights Law Clinic at American University’s Washington College of Law)∗

Brief addressing R.G.’s stillbirth as a matter of health, grief and loss filed by Legal Voice and attorney James M. Priest, Jr. of Gill, Ladner & Priest, PLLC, on behalf of amici curiae:
Legal Voice
The Birth Attendants
Open Arms Perinatal Services
The MISS Foundation
The Hygeia Foundation, Inc., Institute for Perinatal Loss and Bereavement
Our Hope Place
Professor Linda Layne (Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)∗
Professor Sarah Kye Price (Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work)∗
Professor Joanne Cacciatore (Arizona State University School of Social Work)∗
Professor Denise Cote-Arsenault (University of Rochester School of Nursing)∗
Professor Cynthia R. Daniels (Rutgers University)∗
Ina May Gaskin, MA, CPM, Farm Midwifery Center, Summertown, Tennessee
Anne Hohenstein, Esq.
Professor Joanne Leonard (School of Art and Design and Women’s Studies Program, University of Michigan)∗
Heather Swain, Novelist
Susannah Thompson, Honorary Fellow in the School of Humanities (University of Western Australia)∗
Professor Laury Oaks (Feminist Studies, Sociology, and Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara)∗
Professor Emerita Gail Landman (Department of Anthropology, University at Albany, State University of New York)∗
Janet Stein, MD
Professor Barbara Katz Rothman (City University of New York)∗

Brief addressing R.G.’s prosecution as a form of sex discrimination filed by the National Women’s Law Center and attorney Cliff Johnson of Pigott Reeves Johnson, on behalf amici curiae:
National Women’s Law Center
Jackson Area National Organization for Women
Law Students for Reproductive Justice
Legal Momentum
SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

Brief addressing the impropriety of applying a “depraved-heart” murder statute to a teenager who experienced a pregnancy loss, filed by attorneys James L. Robertson & D. James Childress on behalf of amici curiae:
Mississippi Psychological Association

∗ University is listed solely for the purpose of identifying the individual.

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